The discussion focuses on ways in which the cultural and creative sectors are picking up the pieces in the aftermath of several challenges that have hit world in the past months. How are the sectors adapting to change? Are cultural policies reflecting these changes and are they nimble enough to be effective? What long term impact will the current scenario have on the sustainability and growth of the sector?
Cultural experts will share good practices and debate ways in which emerging policies and strategies can inspire solutions in the process of recovery.

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Welcome address

Dr. Šárka Prát | Board of Directors, European Liberal Forum

14:10 – 15:30

Panel discussion: How to get the cultural and creative sectors back on their feet

Toni Attard

Toni Attard (Malta) is the founder and director of Culture Venture – an advisory, production and training firm for the cultural and creative sectors. For more than a decade in the public arts sector, Toni led numerous arts projects, established 10 public arts funding programmes and co-authored cultural policies and strategies for the arts and the creative economy. He is also a practicing theatre maker and festival director. Toni is a member of the council at Cultural Policy Designers Network.

Silja Suntola (Finland) was the initiator and Project Director for Creative Industries Finland, which became the main national network for creative economy development in Finland. Her background in the music business as well as active role in furthering discussion between policy-makers and the private sector in Finland and internationally have given her a strong overall understanding of the challenges and opportunities in creative economy development. She currently runs a number of international projects at the Creative Industries Research Unit at the South-Eastern University of Applied Sciences.

Tom Fleming (United Kingdom) is a leading international expert on cultural policy and the creative economy, founder of Tom Fleming Creative Consultancy – leading international consultancy for the creative economy. With a portfolio of work that covers over 60 countries and 300 cities, he is a passionate advocate for the role of culture and creativity across the policy agenda. Tom is a member of the council at Cultural Policy Designers Network.

Ragnar Siil

Ragnar Siil (Estonia) is a founder and managing partner of Creativity Lab, international cultural policy and creative industries think tank and consultancy. He is a strategy adviser for governments, cultural organisations and creative enterprises, and also a researcher at Estonian Business School. Ragnar is a former Estonian Undersecretary of Arts and Chairman of the EU Expert Group on Cultural and Creative Sectors. Ragnar is a director of the board at Cultural Policy Designers Network.

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