Poligon Creative Centre is more than just a coworking space with a community which shares space and equipment. Poligon operates two specialized labs and we’ve also created a special programme of events for our Residents and Friends to help them increase their knowledge and skills and help them further develop as professionals.





Poligon Maker Lab and Photo Services

A workshop with a 3D printer and other technical equipment, which enables quick prototyping and high quality product development. Additionally, Poligon offers a photographic services specialised for high quality product photography.

Poligon Maker Lab is run under leadership of Igor Trupina and Nejc Matjaž.





Crowdfunding Lab

The Slovenia Crowdfunding Initiative has introduced Slovenia to crowdfunding and provided support to all its successful Kickstarter projects. As part of Poligon’s programme, Slovenia Crowdfunding are established Crowdfunding Lab, which will continue to educate, research and support inventors as well as everyone considering this form of financing.





Poligon Classroom

We’re preparing a set of most relevant lectures and workshops by local and international speakers from the field of creative economies and social entrepreneurship. These are essential for growth and development of the self-employed.
The Poligon Study will be established in collaboration with partnering communities from Croatia, Serbia and Macedonia. Thus we also intend to reestablish the Balkan creative bridge.





Sit down, you’ve got an A!

Over the past two years, Slovenia Coworking have operated within Kino Šiška, where we developed a module for entrepreneurial coworking concepts. Over 50 different concepts were discussed and further developed during the programme. We offered an individual or team to present their idea or project in 45 minutes (1 school hour) while the rest of the “class” would discuss and provide ideas for its improvement. The result is mutually beneficial to the presenters, who receive feedback and new ideas, while the rest are offered an opportunity to take part in project development and thus get work.





Relaxation Corner

All those thirsty or hungry will be able to satisfy their needs at our bar, which we will try to supply with a diverse selection of local products.
While relaxing and hanging out, you will also be able to borrow and read books from our ever expanding library.





Poligon Shop (coming soon)

Most of our Friend and Residents produce their own interesting products, hence Poligon will provide a small shop section with gifts for all sorts of occasions. Because most Kickstarter project creators are Residents or Friends of Poligon, you will also be able to find their crowdfunded products in the shop.