Work is not working


Work is not working. How we can change it?


Poligon Creative Centre, June 18th at 18:00


Is the concept of post-work society possible?
How to develop healthy working communities?
What kind of automation?
Are we over-worked?
How to reshape the culture of work to be fair to workers and responsible to environment?

“What do you do?” is one of the most common conversation starters when we meet new people. Work is very often the core of our identity. Moreover, work is one of the critical building blocks of contemporary society. However, today, work is not working (well) for many of us.

Burnout, automation of work, gender inequalities, the explosion of precarious workers are just some of the worrying troubles of work today. So they call for innovative solutions.

Autonomy is the most progressive independent think tank in Great Britain with one focus: work. They provide necessary analysis, proposals and solutions with which to confront the changing reality of work in society today.
On Tuesday, 18th of June we will host in Poligon co-founders of Autonomy Kyle Lewis and Will Strong and their coworker Julian Siravo to discuss different work issues with them and try to picture futuristic solutions.


KYLE LEWIS is a co-founder of Autonomy and an Associate Lecturer in the Health and Social Sciences department at the University of the West of England. With Will Stronge, he is currently co-authoring a book on the radical history of the shorter working week (Verso, 2019).


WILL STRONGE is a co-founder of Autonomy and a researcher in Politics and Philosophy at the University of Brighton and an Associate Lecturer in Philosophy at the University of Chichester. With Helen Hester, he is currently writing Post-work (Bloomsbury 2019).


JULIAN SIRAVO is an Architect and Urbanist from Rome, Italy. In his work Julian has explored automated construction, ideas of post-familial domesticity and socialized care-work. His research for Autonomy focuses on aging populations and the future of care, on logistics and workspace.

Join us on the 18th of June to rethink novel concept of work with Kyle, Will And Julian.

To make work work!

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