Luka Piškorič has been working in the creative industries and cultural field for the past 20 years – starting as one of the Slovenian internet pioneers and later collaborating on multidisciplinary profit and non-profit projects engaging creative forces from various fields of creative industries and culture. After working for eight years in advertising and digital marketing he co-founded Memo Institut in 2006 as the fist specialized Slovenian qualitative market research agency.
He is co-founder and managing director of Poligon, institute for development of creative industries and co-founder of Slovenia Coworking and Slovenia Crowdfunding initatives.
In 2014 he co-founded and became managing director of the first Slovenian creative hub – Poligon Creative Centre in Ljubljana, an autonomous coworking space and platform for independent professionals, creative communities and startups operating in the fields of creative economies, social entrepreneurship and culture.
Luka Piškorič is a member of the council at Cultural Policy Designers Network and member of the board of directors of European Creative Hubs Network.
He works internationally as an expert on development of creative industries and creative hubs. He is also co-author of research papers and strategic documents on coworking and creative hubs commissioned by clients like Slovenian Ministry of Economic Affairs, Regional Development Agency of Ljubljana Urban Region, and USAID in Moldova.

Forthcoming talks & workshops

8.-10.10.2019 Coworking & Coliving Conference South East Europe 2019 Belgrade, Serbia
24.-25.10.2019 b.creative Zagreb, Croatia
12.-15.11.2019 Creative Forum Ljubljana 2019 Ljubljana, Slovenia

Past talks & workshops

17.5.2019 Kulturos Forumas Vilnius, Lithuania
26.-28.2.2019 HUIU Crowdfunding Pula, Croatia
19.11.2018 Forumas “Kultūra ir pinigai” Vilnius, Lithuania
22.-23.6.2018 Crowdfunding Masterclass Tbilisi, Georgia
9.-10.5.2018 Neutralno – dialog on cultural spaces / Novi Sad European Capital of Culture 2021 Novi Sad, Serbia
7.12.2017 Upbeat Festival Podgorica Podgorica, Montenegro
29.11.-1.12.2017 We are next – European Creative Hubs Network Forum Sheffield, UK
4.11.2017 Sarajevo Unlimited Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
25.-26.10.2017 Creative Industries Development Forum of Azerbaijan Baku, Azerbaijan
13.10.2017 USE IT maps European meetup Ljubljana, Slovenia
4.10.2017 International Conference & Investment Forum of Creative & Cultural Industries – Chimera Project Ljubljana, Slovenia
2.-3.10.2017 CRE:HUB, Policies for Cultural Creative Industries: the hub for innovative regional development Ljubljana, Slovenia
29.-30.9.2017 Serbian Coworking Confernce Niš, Serbia
15.9.2017 European League of Institutes of the Arts > NXT Conference “Making a Living from the Arts” Amsterdam, Netherlands
20.6.2017 Crowdfunding4Culture Brussels, Belgium
10.-11.6.2017 Creative Armenia Business Challenge Yerevan, Armenia
9.6.2017 Creative Armenia Forum Yerevan, Armenia
7.6.2017 Belgrade Crowdfunding Convention Belgrade, Serbia
25.-28.5.2017 Culture and Sharing Communities / 83TEH Conference Pula, Croatia
4.-5.5.2017 Creative and Sustainable Cities: The Role of Culture and Creativity in Urban Development Forum organized by the EU-Eeastern Partnership Culture and Creativity Programme and Ministry of Culture of Republic of Moldova / Chișinău, Moldova
12.4.2017 Creative Communities @ EU-EaP Culture and Creativity Programme Study Visit to Slovenia Ljubljana, Slovenia
11.3.2017 1st Macedonian Crowdfunding Conference Skopje, Macedonia
2.4.2017 Creative communities at Goethe Institute Tel Aviv Tel Aviv, Israel
1.3.2017 The Annual Conference for Sustainability and Community Jerusalem, Israel
13.2.2017 5th Italian Business Forum – From social enterprise to social innovation Ljubljana, Slovenia
14.11.2016 EU-EaP Culture and Creativity Programme – Moldova Forum / Chișinău, Moldova
27.9.2016 Creative Europe Showcase Conference / Brussels, Belgium – moderator
22.-24.9.2016 How Work Works – European Creative Hubs Forum / Belgrade, Serbia – delegate
24.-25.8.2016 N.I.C.E. Awards and Forum d’Avignon Ruhr 2016 / Essen, Germany – delegate
9.-11.6.2016 Skopje Kreativa 2016 / Skopje, Macedonia (FYROM)
1.-3.6.2016 Kultursymposium / Weimar, Germany
23.5.2016 NGO Open Days / Zagreb Croatia
18.-20.5.2016 Latvian Academy of Culture / Riga, Latvia
13.-14.5.2016 Crowdfunding Masterclass @ Nova Iskra / Belgrade, Serbia
5.-7.5.2016 PLACE!2016 International Conference on Creative industries and City image / Košice, Slovakia
13.4.2016 Social ENTrepreneurship for IMigrants Conference / Ljubljana, Slovenia
18.3.2016 Dobrobit – Social Entrepreneurship Conference / Zagreb, Croatia
18.2.2016 Future Architecture Platform Kick-off Conference / Ljubljana, Slovenia
4.2.2016 Startup Europe Week / Belgrade, Serbia
3.2.2016 Cultural and Creative Sectors Consultation @ National Council of the Republic of Slovenia / Ljubljana, Slovenia
4.12.2015 University of Ljubljana – Faculty of Economics – Postgraduates / Ljubljana, Slovenia / guest lecture
2.12.2105 COIN Coworking Conference / Zadar, Croatia
26.11.2015 Slovenian Coworking Conference / Ljubljana, Slovenia / co-organizer, panel moderator
23.11.2015 POTENTI{ALPE-ADRIA}15, Panel: Opportunities and Potential of the Alpe Adria Region for Young Entrepreneurs / Velden am Wörthersee, Austria
6.-7.11.2015 What’s Next? Conference / Vilnius, Lithuania / lecture
2.11.2015 University of Ljubljana – Faculty of Economics / Ljubljana, Slovenia / guest lecture
30.10.2015 Eurocities Cultural Forum – Cities working with local cultural organisations: new ways of cooperation and support / Ljubljana, Slovenia / presentation
29.9.2015 Crowdfunding Masterclass Workshop/ The Impact HUB / Vienna, Austria / workshop
25.9.-4.10.2015 Trial&Error – Crowdfunding in Slovenia Exhibition @Vienna Design Week / Vienna, Austria / curator, producer
29.7.-1.8.2015 Co-Creation and Crowdfunding Camp / Warehouse Coworking/ Marotta, Italy / workshop
12.-22.7.2015 CREA Summer Academy /University of Ljubljana – Faculty of Computer and Information Science / Ljubljana, Slovenia / lecture, mentoring
20.6.2015 SIXPO 2.0 – Entrepreneurship with Social Impact / Ljubljana, Slovenia / panel discussion participant
17.6.2015 Poligon CrowdfundingLAB – Crowdfunding in Tourism: / Poligon Creative Centre / Ljubljana, Slovenia / moderator
4.&5.6.2015 Coworking & Crowdfunding for Empowerment of Creative Communities/ InCentar / Belgrade, Serbia / lecture
21.5.2015 University of Primorska – Faculty of Management / Koper, Slovenia / crowdfunding lecture
15.5.2015  Tjedan Dizajna Zagreb – Zagreb Design Week – Collaboration of coworking spaces panel / Zagreb, Croatia / panel discussion participant
13.5.2015 Crowdfunding Masterclass Workshop / Zagreb Design Week / Zagreb, Croatia / workshop
7.5.2015 Creative Startups Conference – Coworking panel / Rijeka, Croatia
16.4.2015 University of Ljubljana – Faculty of Architecture / Ljubljana, Slovenia / guest lecture
26.3.2015 Faculty of Design / Ljubljana, Slovenia / guest lecture
13.3.2015 NGO Days / Ljubljana, Slovenia / lecture
11.3.2015 CrowdfundingLAB guest Sinohe Terrero, vice president of Indiegogo / Poligon Creative Center / Ljubljana, Slovenia / moderator
9.3.2015 University of Ljubljana – Faculty of Economics – Financing growing business /
Ljubljana, Slovenia / guest lecture
5.3.2015 8th International advertising cup – Panel disucssion / Ljubljana, Slovenia
2.2.2015 CrowdfundingLAB guests: Duncan Frazier & Steve McGuigan, PixelStick /
Poligon Creative Center / Ljubljana, Slovenia / moderator
20.1.2015 University of Ljubljana – Faculty of Social Sciences – Intellectual property /
Ljubljana, Slovenia / lecture on crowdfunding and new economy
3.12.2014 University of Ljubljana – Faculty of Social Sciences – Marketing innovations /
Ljubljana, Slovenia / guest lecture on crowdfunding and new economy
4.11.2014 Slovenian Innovation Forum 2014 – Pannel discussion on coworking / Ljubljana, Slovenia / moderator
24.10.2014 5th Days of Social Economy International Conference / Ljubljana, Slovenia / crowdfunding workshop moderator
23.10.2014 BIO50 – 4th Biennial of Design – New Economies panel discussion / Ljubljana, Slovenia
25.9.2014 EU Design Days 2014 – Workshop: Access to finance and business development for the CCI sector /
Brussels, Belgium / workshop mentor
11.9.2014 Crowdfunding School @Hekovik Startup School / Ljubljana, Slovenia / lecture
9.9.2014 Creative Europe – Audience Development Conference / Ljubljana, Slovenia / panel discussions moderator
5.6.2014 University of Ljubljan – Faculty of Social Sciences – Innovation management /
Ljubljana, Slovenia / guest lecture
12.5.2014 International Creative Camp 2014 / Lake Constance, Germany / lecture & mentoring
26.4.2014 Hands-on Crowdfunding Campaign Workshop @Zagreb Design Week / Zagreb, Croatia / workshop
25.4.2014 “Aks me Anything” Consultations @Zagreb Design Week / Zagreb, Croatia / consulting
25.4.2014 Crowdfunding & Design – Panel discussion @Zagreb Design Week / Zagreb, Croatia
25.-28.4.2014 Exhibition “Crowdfunded in Slovenia” @Zagreb Design Week / Zagreb, Croatia / co-curator
11.4.2014 Crowdfunding Europe – Freedom to Create, Regional Crowdfunding Forum 2014 / Poligon, creative centre / Ljubljana, Slovenia / co-organizer, keynote speaker
9.4.2014 1st Small and Medium Enterprise Conference @Slovenian Chamber of Commerce / Ljubljana, Slovenia / lecture + panel discussion
5.3.2014 Social Entrepreneurial Initiative 2020: SI-UK perspective / Ljubljana, Slovenia / workshop moderator
26.2.2014 Law and Startups Conference / University of Ljubljana – Faculty of Law / Ljubljana, Slovenia / lecture
11.2.2014 Creating a supportive environment in the municipality for the development of social entrepreneurship and other forms of creating new jobs Conference / Association of Municipalities and Towns of Slovenia and Slovenian Forum of Social Entrepreneurship / Ljubljana, Slovenia / lecture
17.1.2014 Create useful – Use creative @Slovenian Chamber of Commerce / Ljubljana, Slovenia / panel discussion
13.12.2013 Ways to smart growth – Hand in hand to innovative breakthrough in Europe @Technology Park Ljubljana / Republic of Slovenia Government Communication Office, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, European Commission, European Parliament / Ljubljana, Slovenia / panel discussion
2.12.2013 National Forum of Social Entreprenurship 2013 / Ljubljana, Slovenia / panel discussion
30.11.2013 Crowdfunding and Music Industry Panel @Kino Šiška Centre for Urban Culture / Ljubljana, Slovenia / panel discussion
13.11.2013 Crowdfunding tribune by / Zagreb, Croatia / Lecture
13.11.2013 Slovenian Innovation Forum 2013 – Pannel on crowdfunding / Ljubljana, Slovenia
8.11.2013 University of Ljubljana – Faculty of Social Sciences – Marketing innovations / Ljubljana, Slovenia / guest lecture
24.10.2013 100% Startup Conference/ Ljubljana, Slovenia / lecuture and pannel discusion
23.10.2013 Days of Social Economy Conference @Slovenian Chamber of Commerce / Ljubljana, Slovenia / panel discussion
30.9.2013 Hekovnik Startup School / Ljubljana, Slovenia / lecture
27.9.2013  NEXPO 2013, South-East Europe International Municipal Conference / Rijeka, Croatia / lecture
30.8.2013 Bottom’s Up – Workshop for the development of business model for local creative hubs network / Regional Development Agency of Ljubljana Urban Region -Regional Centre for Creative Economy / Ljubljana
30.5.2013 Days of Cross-Border Social Economy / Nova Gorica, Slovenia / lecture
23.5.2013 Crowdfunding NOW! @ Kino Šiška Centre for Urban Culture/ Ljubljana, Slovenia
29.11.2012 Open Innovation Conference-  Final EU Creative Cities Conference / Panel discussion by Charles Landry “How innovative does networking in creative industries have to be?” / Leipzig, Germany / presentation & panel discussion
9.11.2012 Coworking Europe Conference / Paris, France / panel discussion
8.10.2012 Crowdfudning workshop @ Slovenia Coworking, Kino Šiška Centre for Urban Culture / Ljubljana, Slovenia /
15.6.2012 Dan D design festival / Zagreb, Croatia / lecture