Trial & Error: Crowdfunding and Crowdfinding in Slovenia

Vienna Design Week 2015


Most of the crowdfunding exhibitions focus on presenting perfected products you can already get in a store. We tried to go beyond that and show the complexity of the development process, the difficulties in the back end, all the failed prototypes and other interesting experiences 5 creators of the selected projects experienced after they successfully raised funds with their Kickstarter campaigns.

This is the story of a group of young Slovenian designers who found a global community of supporters to realize their creative potential. It is a story of empowerment within a small, local, creative community. A community that has proved the viability of an alternative model; so that other Slovenian creatives can bring their interesting project ideas to life too.

Join us at the opening event: Monday 28th of September at 6 pm
or drop by anytime from 25th to 2nd October (except Saturday and Sunday) from 9 am to 7 pm

Creative director: Eva Matjaž
Art director: Žiga Artnak
Producer: Luka Piškorič
Content: Poligon & friends
Technical support: Fabrikaid

Supporters: Slovenian Culture and Information Center – SKICA, Impact Hub Vienna